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Russ Barenberg When at Last Compass 2007
Russ Barenberg Moving Pictures Rounder  1988
Russ Barenberg Halloween Rehearsal Rounder 1987
Russ Barenberg Behind the Melodies  Rounder  1983 
Russ Barenberg  Cowboy Calypso  Rounder  1979 

Russ Barenberg, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer

Skip, Hop & Wobble Sugar Hill  1993 
Candace Anderson Talking to a Tennessee Moon Adobe  1992
Darol Anger  Heritage  Six Degrees  1997 
The Civil War  Original TV Soundtrack  Nonesuch  1990 
Fred Carpenter In the Stillness Violin Shop 1991
Country Cooking  Country Cooking  Rounder 1971 
Country Cooking Barrel of Fun  Rounder 1973 
Country Cooking 26 Bluegrass Instrumentals  Rounder 1992 
Hazel Dickens  Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People Rounder  1980 
Hazel Dickens It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song Rounder  1986 
Hazel Dickens A Few Old Memories  Rounder  1987 
Jerry Douglas  Under the Wire  MCA  1986 
Jerry Doulgas Fluxedo Rounder 1982
Jerry Douglas Changing Channels  MCA  1987 
Jerry Douglas Everything is Gonna Work Out Fine  Rounder  1987 
Jerry Douglas Slide Rule  Sugar Hill  1992 
Jerry Douglas The Great Dobro Sessions  Sugar Hill  1994 
Jerry Douglas Restless on the Farm Sugar Hill  1998 
Jerry Douglas Best of the Sugar Hill Years  Sugar Hill  2007 
Fiddle Fever  Fiddle Fever  Flying Fish  1981 
Fiddle Fever  Waltz of the Wind  Flying Fish  1984 
Fiddle Fever  Best of Fiddle Fever  Flying Fish  1990 
Bela Fleck  Crossing the Tracks  Rounder  1979 
Bela Fleck  Daybreak  Rounder  1988 
David Holt  I Got a Bullfrog: Folksongs for the Fun of It  High Windy  1994 
Alison Krauss  Too Late to Cry  Rounder  1987 
Alison Krauss  Now that I've Found You: A Collection  Rounder  1995 
Laurie Lewis  Love Chooses You  Flying Fish  1989 
Laurie Lewis  Earth & Sky: Songs of Laurie Lewis  Rounder  1997 
Rodney Miller  Airplang  Rounder  1985 
Hugh Moffatt  Loving You  Philo  1987 
Hugh Moffat  Troubadour  Philo  1989

Maura O'Connell 

Helpless Heart Warner Bros.  1989 
Maura O'Connell  Blue is the Color of Hope  Warner Bros.  1992 
Maura O'Connell  Don't I Know Sugar Hill  2005 
Mark O'Connor Elysian Forrest 

Warner Bros. 

Mark O'Connor The New Nashville Cats  Warner Bros.  1991 
Mark O'Connor Heroes  Warner Bros.  1993 
Mark O'Connor Liberty  Sony  1997 
Mike Snider Live on a Boat  Tater Town  1987 
Andy Statman Flatbush Waltz  Rounder  1980 
Andy Statman Nashville Days, New York Nights  Rounder  1986 
Chris Thile Stealing Second Sugar Hill  1997 
Transatlantic Sessions 2 Volume 1 Iona  1998 
Transatlantic Sessions 2  Volume 2  Iona  1998 
Randy Travis  Always and Forever  Warner Bros.  1987 
Randy Travis High Lonesome Warner Bros. 1991
Randy Travis Greatest Hits, Vol. 1  Warner Bros.  1992 
Randy Travis Greatest Hits, Vol. 2  Warner Bros.  1992 
Randy Travis The Very Best of Randy Travis  Rhino 2004 
Tony Trischka  Bluegrass Light Rounder  1973 
Tony Trischka Heartlands Rounder  1975 
Tony Trischka Banjoland Rounder  1976 
Tony Trischka Robot Plane Flies Over Arkansas Rounder  1983 
Tony Trischka  Dust on the Needle  Rounder  1988 
Tony Trischka  The Early Years  Rounder  1998 
Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck, Bill Keith  Fiddle Tunes for Banjo  Rounder  1981 
Various Artists  Songs of the Civil War  Sony  1991 
Rhonda Vincent  New Dreams and Sunshine  Rebel  1991 
Rhonda Vincent  My Blue Tears Rebel  2002 
Frank Wakefield  Frank Wakefield with Country Cooking  Rounder  1972 
Peter Wernick  Dr. Banjo Steps Out  Flying Fish  1978 
Peter Wernick  On a Roll  Sugar Hill  1993 

Jesse Winchester

Humor Me  Sugar Hill 


Jesse Winchester                                    Love Filling Station                              Appleseeed  2009

Film Soundtracks/TV

The Brooklyn Bridge

Directed by Ken Burns 1981
The Shakers

Directed by Ken Burns

Huey Long Directed by Ken Burns 1985
The Civil War Directed by Ken Burns 1990
Summer Solstice Starring Henry Fonda and Myrna Loy 1981
Homecoming Starring Anne Bancroft 1996
The Transatlantic Sessions 1 Various Artists 1994
The Transatlantic Sessions 2 Various Artists 1998

The Transatlantic Sessions 3

Various Artists


  The Transatlantic Sessions 4                   Various Artists                                         2009

  The Transatlantic Sessions 5                   Various Artists                                         2011

  The Transatlantic Sessions 6                   Various Artists                                         2013



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